#6 M&E Research : India gets ready for Digital Future

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India Digital Focus

India Digital Focus India is growing rapidly, quite literally when we think digital…  India boasts world’s third largest online population and is also the second fastest, having grown by 31% last year.  A recently published report from ComScore “India Digital Focus ” brings interesting facts on India’s overall digital ecosystem and how it compares with other. 

Broadcast Industry Trends

Broadcast-Industry-Trends - Featured

Boundary between web and traditional content delivery is diminishing faster than ever envisioned and Multi platform content delivery is fast emerging as the big frontier for Broadcast Industry. Premium video which has traditionally remained under vaults with strict linear only delivery has gradually started to percolate in the online world although still under aegis of  Pay TV subscription.. 

#5 M&E Research : Online Advertising grows, Internet Ad Revenues set New Record

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Online Advertising Revenue Growth 1996 - 2013

Two month back Nielson published its Online advertising performance outlook which detailed marketers response to increase their online spends on brand advertising in order to have higher engagement through mobile and social mediums. Latest survey conducted by IAB and PWC seems to strengthen the previous claims – Internet Ad Revenues are growing fast. According to a recent survey. 

#4 M&E Research : Video take Centre stage in Future for Mobile Networks

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Mobily Growth Areas 2012-2018

Video is becoming ubiquitous and has been driving much of the internet traffic, come to mobile network traffic and the landscape is no different.  Accordingly to Ericsson’s Mobility Report 2013, video traffic is growing at 60% annually and Video  is expected to account for almost half of total global mobile network traffic. Mobile Data Traffic Distribution 2012-2018 The growth resonates. 

#3 Concept Series : What is Digital Fingerprinting

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Digital-Fingerprinting-Workflow -Featured

Digital Fingerprinting is a technology which enables content owners  exercise greater control on their copyrighted content by effective identification, tracking and monitoring across distribution channels (broadcast, radio, live, web etc..) while opening additional monetization avenue by exploiting extended value of digital assets. What is Digital Fingerprinting Digital Fingerprints are. 

Xbox One – Microsoft’s announces Xbox 360 successor – An all inclusive Home Entertainment Platform

Xbox One

    Microsoft recently revealed its third generation Xbox – “Xbox One”, 8 years after its hugely successful predecessor  Xbox 360 (having sold over 77 million units)  pitching it against its closest rival Sony’s PS4. The platform has had huge expectations both from technology and gaming circles with equal share of rumors right from naming , backward  compatibility,. 

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