#14 M&E Research : Media streaming devices on massive uptrend

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2015 is the third consecutive year when cable is losing video subscribers albeit modesty, but the new age video service providers  are all but happy. They are busy expanding and enrolling truckload of new customers at a growth unprecedented in video industry. Combine large content library, flavored with original programming, price economics and more recent benevolence (or business reality). 

#3 Technical Series : How to compile and setup FFmpeg on Mac

FFmpeg is a rich multimedia framework which can handle most exhaustive image and video processing tasks. FFmpeg can perform encoding, decoding, transcoding, muxing, demuxing, playback and streaming for audio and video content. In addition to open source, FFmpeg has unique advantage of supporting large number of media containers, codecs and file formats. FFmpeg can be used on Mac by. 

#6 Concept Series : What is the difference between Progressive Download, RTMP Streaming and Adaptive Streaming

Online video delivery has a rich and eventful history and is fast becoming the medium of convenience for masses to get entertained. Today, online video delivery is far more predictable than ever in its history of over two decades. While concerns and areas of improvement are aplenty, the days of spinning wheels waiting for video to start playing are largely gone. This journey was neither short. 

TV Finally coming Over the Top : HBO NOW…


Can OTT service offer premium content and free consumers from the clutches of cable and satellite service providers? Come next month and big daddy of premium content – HBO is coming straight over the top to your connected Apple device. HBO NOW has all the ingredients in making of successful offering – a robust multi-platform content delivery ecosystem, popular content and great. 

#13 M&E Research : SVOD services growing rapidly, OTT video likely to cross USD 10 Billion in 2014

OTT revenue breakup 2014

While rising SVOD revenues may not be ringing trouble for traditional Pay-TV yet,  subscription video is on rapid upturn.  A recent report from Strategy Analytics reveals SVOD services led by Netflix , Hulu and Amazon will make up nearly half of OTT revenues in North America with overall OTT video market likely to cross $10.7 billion in 2014. Meanwhile traditional service providers are. 

#2 Technical Series : How to convert video for HTML5 using FFMPEG

HTML5 video ffmpeg mp4 webm ogg

HTML5 introduction of <video> element has made embedding video into a web page a trivial task. The plugin confusions,  video codec availability, container support etc. are far less with browser owning the responsibility to  decode and display video using the underlying multimedia framework . While the support for HTML5 video element is gaining popularity across browsers,  three important. 

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