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Media & Entertainment Industry is among the fastest growing sectors in all major economies of the world today. While the industry is over a century old, it has witnessed rapid growth over last two decades led by maturity of business, merger & acquisitions, globalization, technical inventions and digitalization. The industry has unique business model with its revenue driven from advertising and paid subscription.

Media & Entertainment Companies

Media & Entertainment Companies

The Industry includes print, film, animation, gaming, radio and television under its umbrella, with lines of business involved in product development, IT, security, CE, consulting, OEM/ODM and operations among others.

M&E industry is undergoing rapid transformation and forcing traditional media houses to innovate and re-align to changing market needs. Some of the key influencers include social networking, connected devices, changing consumer behaviour, gross fragmentation and growing need for personalization and multi-platform delivery. The Industry is also witnessing new breed of companies involved in cloud, big data, analytics etc. further expanding the ecosystem.
This section is an attempt to list M&E companies and gain more insights into their key strengths, market updates and product portfolios.