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# 7 Concept Series : What is the difference between HD and UHD -

Walk past a TV display section in any large electronic store and Ultra HD screens makes you stop and take notice.. 

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#6 Concept Series : What is the difference between Progressive Download, RTMP Streaming and Adaptive Streaming -

Online video delivery has a rich and eventful history and is fast becoming the medium of convenience for masses. 

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#5 Concept Series : What is the difference between Ad Exchange and Ad Network -

Online Advertising is the currency that keeps major publishers, networks and search engines, well oiled and running. 

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#16 M&E Research : Netflix needs to shine brighter in India

By Nitin Narang | On Mon, Mar 26th, 2018 - No Comments »

I was a Netflix subscriber in the US, not anymore. Back home in India, I tried a month free subscription for Netflix and HotStar, and only the latter stayed. What really changed? The content is almost the same, and so is the quality, but the key was overall “Value Proposition.” A term often misunderstood in isolation is more a comparative measure based on prevailing environment, competition,. 

Top 10 areas Artificial Intelligence is leading automation in Media Industry

By Nitin Narang | On Tue, Sep 26th, 2017 - No Comments »

In this era of data explosion, collecting data in itself is not sufficient. It needs to be processed, sliced and diced to gain insights for running and growing the business. Unfortunately, majority of data available in the world today is unstructured and hidden making it difficult to process without significant human participation. A large part of data in media industry falls squarely in. 

Online video enters age of Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

OTT video and Big Data Analysis

As we close the doors on 2016, we are entering into most fascinating times in the history of online video. Over the top (OTT) video, which started as a complementary service to Television has unfolded into a multi-billion dollar SVOD industry, and shows no signs of slowing down. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have emerged as new age entertainment giants, and Virtual MVPD providers are re-wiring. 

#6 M&E Technical : How to setup single bitrate HLS streaming

By Nitin Narang | On Wed, Jun 1st, 2016 - No Comments »

HLS or HTTP Live Streaming provides a reliable way to deliver continuous and long-form audio and video over the Internet. It has become a default standard for online delivery of audio and video serving content on host of devices and browser environments. What makes HLS a better option than RTMP or RTSP chunked streaming is deployment with standard http severs and  http. 

Is it time to bring home a 4k UHD TV ?

By Nitin Narang | On Thu, May 19th, 2016 - No Comments »

In US alone, over 1.5 millions households bought an UHD TV in the first quarter of 2016 but with current environment, the short answer is a No and the long answer will need some more reading below. CES saw it and so did NAB and for best part of last two years, UHD remains an all favorite theme for TV, Blu-ray and STB chipset manufactures, camera OEMs, studios, media production houses. 

What can Netflix do differently to succeed in India ?

By Nitin Narang | On Wed, Feb 17th, 2016 - No Comments »
Netflix in India

Netflix has had phenomenal success over the years as it expanded its footprint in US, Europe and other developed nations of the world. In Jan 2016 with exception of China; Netflix unleashed its growth engine to cover the globe and is now present in 130 countries. It’s recent expansion targets among them India which is home for second largest Internet users,. 

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