India and Over the Top (OTT) Video Services – An overview

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India is a fast growing economy where digital channels are growing constantly both in volume and strength. However, the pace of change can be much faster, since for a country which boasts of a large, educated and young population with increasing income levels, any major technology should quickly achieve mainstream adoption. Sad but ground reality tells a different story. India’s online. 

#11 M&E Research : Online Ad Revenues races past Broadcast TV in standalone revenue terms

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Advertising world is getting accustomed to the new world order with Online aggressively leading the pack of media advertising mediums. Riding on double and triple digit growth in internet and Mobile, Online advertising has surpassed broadcast television advertising revenues (national networks, syndication and spot TV). It achieved a similar milestone few years back in 2011 when it surpassed. 

#10 M&E Research : Online Video a major force to reckon but remains supplemental

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Online video is rising rapidly with convenience to watch anytime, anywhere and on any-device bringing a behavioral shift in viewers consumption habits. This change is further propelled by increasing broadband speeds ,growth in mobile based consumption, expanding connected device ecosystem and surging volumes of premium content becoming online. TV Everywhere which remained stranded for last. 

#5 Concept Series : What is the difference between Ad Exchange and Ad Network

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Online Advertising is the currency that keeps major publishers, networks and search engines, well oiled and running in the current internet world. It offers innovative ways to target millions and billions of connected users and is increasingly trying to extract higher share of advertisers’ budget, which for decades has remained locked to traditional TV and print channels. Today, online. 

#9 M&E Research : Second Screen lacks popular appeal, abundant room to grow

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Broadcast industry is undergoing rapid transformation, add grossly fragmented ecosystem and advertisers /content producers have an uphill task to deliver. Fortunately, second screen featured itself to solve what remained a distant dream in the traditional broadcast world – access to real time analytics, personalized engagement and contextual ad targeting. “Second Screen”. 

#1 Technical Series : How to compile FFMPEG under Cygwin

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FFmpeg as we know is an extremely resourceful multimedia toolkit providing range of media operations to record, encode, decode, transcode, convert and stream audio and video files with wide ranging support for multiple codecs, containers and file formats. FFMPEG is an open source framework and the technology powering some of the largest online content aggregators and video platforms. While.