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F – Media & Entertainment Technology Concepts

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ConceptCategoryDescriptionAssociated Product, Forum, Company etc.
Fast NationalsAudience
Fast National or Final National is a Nielsen TV  term for the episode ratings for the previous night’s national broadcasts. The rating is based on data collected from people meters which records information on the episode watched and demography of user watching the episode. Fast Nationals rating are released a day following  the airing of an episode.C3, Nielsen, TV rating
Ffmpeg is an open source, cross-platform audio/video codec library (libavcodec) widely used for multimedia solutions e.g. record, play, transcode, encode and streaming. Key tools include Ffserver, ffplay and ffprobe.Encoder, Transcoder
FirewireStandardFirewire (IEEE 1394 interface) is a serial bus interface standard for high-speed communications and  real-time data transfer originally conceptualized by Apple, also named as iLINK (Sony) and Lynx (Texas Instruments).IEEE1394 or 1394, USB
FLACAudio StandardFree Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is an open source, lossless audio codec. FLAC is supported across multiple hardware platforms and Operating systems and does fast compression without any loss in quality and enables bit for bit regeneration at decode.MP3
Flighting (bursting) is advertising timing strategy where ads or commercials are run during a period (flight) followed by a period of no advertising (hiatus), again followed by  ads.  Flighting strategy is often used for seasonal and event based scheduling, Bursting
Frame rateAudio/video TechnologyFrame rate is unit of measurement (number of frames per second – fps) and denotes the rate at which video frames or animated images are display or rendered . Each frame constitutes  a still image and running them in quick succession creates an illusion of motion with higher fps resulting in smoother motion.FPS
Free to AirBroadcast TechnologyFree-to-air (FTA) refers to unencrypted (or clear) television and radio broadcast services, which enable users to consume services through a receiver device (set-top box, integrated TV etc.) connected to an antenna. Most countries have National and public funded networks providing FTA broadcast channels.Set-top box
FreesatBroadcast TechnologyFreesat is free-to-air digital satellite television service in UK which is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV.Freeview, Freetime
FreeviewBroadcast TechnologyFreeview is UK’s free to air Digital Terrestrial Television service. It enables access to a range of channels (Radio and interactive services) using a receiver devices (set-top box or an integrated digital television) through a conventional roof-top aerial.Freesat