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E – Media & Entertainment Technology Concepts

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ConceptCategoryDescriptionAssociated Product, Forum, Company etc.
EncoderCompressionAn encoder is a software program or hardware device which captures an incoming signal or stream of data and converts it into another format that a compatible device/software at the receiving end can decode. EncAudio/Video encoders, Transcoder
ECMContent ProtectionEntitlement Control Messages (ECMs) are encrypted data messages used in Broadcast TV for content protection. Broadcast signal in Satellite/Cable TV is scrambled and encryption to prevent non subscribed users from unauthorized acquisition/viewing. ECMs are encrypted data message (control word) send by the service provider to enable receiver (Set top box) to unscramble the data stream and decoded for consumption. The receiver decrypts the control word (ECM) only when authorised, which is triggered by reception of subscriber specific message EMM.Scrambling, Encryption, EMM,VideoGuard, Irdeto, Nagravision,  Conax, Latens, Verimatrix
EMMContent ProtectionEntitlement Management Message (EMM) are subscriber specific messages sent by the service provider to each subscriber and pair with the smart card in the receiver (Set top box). EMM trigger decoding of control word received in ECM.ECM,  VideoGuard, Irdeto, Nagravision,  Conax, Latens, Verimatrix
EPGInteractive TVElectronic Programme Guide (EPG) is an Interactive on-screen software based channel guide (also referred as IPG) for channel information,  content search, navigation and host of interactive set top box features.IPG
ePuBStandardElectronic publication (ePuB) is an open e-book standard which was originally created by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and is widely supported by major popular e-book readers e.g.  Nook (Barnes and Noble’s) , iPad and iPhone (Apple iOS), Sony Reader and others. EPUB 3.0 (current version) defines specifications for publication (defines publication-level semantics ), Content Documents 3.0 ( defines profiles of XHTML, SVG and CSS) , Open Container Format (OCF) 3.0 (defines a file format for encapsulation into a single zip EPUB Container) and Media Overlays 3.0 (defines format and a processing model for synchronization of text and audio).IDPF, DRM, XHTML
EXIFImage StandardExchange Image File (EXIF) is an image file format standard used for storing interchange information in digital photography image files using JPEG compression. Digital cameras use EXIF annotation for storing image information e.g. shutter speed, exposure compensation, Fnumber, metering system , ISO number, date and time details etc.  EXIF files use JPEG DCT format so image can be read by any JPEG based application including web browsers and image editing softwares.
Elementary StreamMPEGElementary stream or ES is the output of an audio or video encoder containing only one kind of data, e.g. audio, video or closed caption referred as video stream, audio stream or data stream.ISO 13818, PES, Transport Stream, Program Stream
EBIFStandardEnhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) is a subset of tru2way and is designed to bring interactivity to older / cheaper STBs with limited processing power and memory.  It mandates an ETV (Enhanced TV) user agent running on the STB which parses, decodes and presents the ETV apps e.g. polling, voting etc. ( ETV app is inserted into the digital TV bit stream ). EBIF defines the specifications on how the app bits are authored and embedded into the stream, capturing, parsing, reconstruction and rendering ( and return interaction) of EBIF apps.Tru2way, OCAP, GEM, MHP, CableLabs
ECMContent ManagementAn enterprise content management system is master repository for organising documents, managing information content and file formats, manage content location, streamline access by eliminating bottlenecks and optimizes security, data integrity and backup.WCM, CMS
EdgeQAMHeadendA head-end hub device that receives packets of digital video and/or data. It repackages  the video or data into an MPEG transport stream and digitally  modulates the digital transport stream onto a downstream RF carrier using  quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM). EdgeQAM key features include De-jittering of CBR and VBR input streams, ability to receive either MPTS or SPTS and transmit MPTS.QAM, encryption,VOD, SDV
EqualizationAudio TechnologyEqualization (EQ) is an audio processing process of modifying the frequency of a sound. Equalization is used to correct signals that sound unnatural.Quantization, Frequency, Noise
EIA-608TV TechnologyEIA-608 or CEA -608 is a closed captioning standard for Analog (NTSC) TV broadcasts in US. EIA-608 captions are transmitted on line 21 in broadcast signal. It uses a fixed bandwidth of 480 bits per line 21 field for a maximum of 32 characters per line per caption for a 30 frame broadcast. The odd field captions relate to the primary audio track and even field related to the secondary audio track.EIA-708, Teletext