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Z – Media & Entertainment Companies Listing

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Media and Entertainment Companies and Forums Listing : Browse by Letter – Z

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Z3 TechnologyOEM ODMZ3 is a leading OEM for video-centric applications in Broadcast, DVB-T, ISDB-T, SBTVD, Digital Signage, Video Kiosks, Media Player, Video Security and Surveillance domain.Zeus Encoder/Decoder, Z3-MVE, Z3-DME, Z3-MVP, Z3-DM
Zaxel Systems IncVideo TechnologyZaxel Systems is a leading provider of high resolution video codecs for 3-D Visualization, Uncompressed HD, 2K and 4K.Zaxtar, Superscaler, Debander, 4k, 8k, Video Wall
ZaxwerksGraphics SolutionZaxwerks is a leading provider of 3D title and logo technology.  Zaxwerks product portfolio includes solutions for the digital video, broadcast, film , animation and web.ProAnimator, ProModeler, 3DFlag, 3D Invigorator
zedoAdvertising TechnologyZedo is an leading digital ad solutions company servicing publishers and advertisers.  Zedo’s key product and services include ad serving, ad network optimization and behavioral targeting.
ZeeboxSecond Screen TechnologyZeebox is a second screen technology company building solutions for immersive social experience. Its technology analyses live television and social networking sentiments to aggregate relevant content from the web for mobile audiences.
ZenterioInteractive TVZenterio is a TV technology company focused in developing interactive TV services and applications for TV client devices.Zenterio OS, Navigator
ZeticonContent ManagementZeticon is a leading Digital Media Asset Management company servicing broadcast Industry to manage, store, retrieve and distribute digital media content.MediaHaven Pro, Studio, Analytics
ZigbeeForumZigBee Alliance is a non profit association for building global wireless standards enabling devices to connect and work together. The Alliance promotes worldwide adoption of ZigBee as a leading low powered, wireless networked sensing and control standard for use in consumer electronics, energy, home and other industrial applications.
ZixiStreaming SolutionsZixi is a video technology company enabling ingest, transport and delivery of studio-quality IP video on unmanaged networks. Zixi platform is used by Broadcasters, enterprises and video-on-demand service providers for distribution of OTT, News, Sports and Live events.Zixi Broadcaster, Feder, Receiver