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Yamaha Commercial AudioAudio TechnologyYamaha Commercial Audio is a leading manufacturer of professional audio products for a wide range of applications including live sound reinforcement, post-production, recording and broadcast.  Key product portfolio includes mixers (digital, analog, powered) , DAW systems, Power Amps, PA systems, Recorders and players.Nuage, Dante, M7CL, LS9, DM2000 VCM, AE031, AE021, AE051, Pocketrak
YANGAROO is a leading provider of B2B digital delivery solutions for music and advertising industries. Its digital media management system (DMDS) is a cloud based platform for management and distribution of audio and video, music videos and advertising content to television, radio, media, retailers, and other authorized recipients.Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS)
Yap.tvSecond Screen
Yap.TV provides iPhone and iPad companion Apps to TV viewing bring social TV solutions for cable, satellite, IPTV and mobile operators on the second screen.
Yospace is a technology provider for video workflow management and content delivery for multi-screen streaming for non-linear, linear and live streaming content.YospaceCDS
Youtoo Technologies
Interactive Television TechnologyYoutoo Technologies is leading provider of interactive TV technology using video, still pictures, audio, tickers, and social media interactions in real-time across multiple digital platforms.
Yuan High-Tech Development CoOEM/ODMLeading provider of OEM/ODM products in professional audio and video domain. Key product portfolio includes HD capture cards with SDI/HDMI interface and HD accessories for the broadcasting market.SC510, SC520, SC590, SDI2DH-S, HD2SDI-S
YuMe is a leading provider of digital video advertising solutions for publishers, OEM, ODM and agencies. It provides solutions to enable advertisers reach targeted and brand receptive audiences across a wide range of Internet-connected devices.YuMe for Publishers, Audience Network
Yuvad TechnologiesMultiplatform
Yuvad Technologies is a leading provider of multiscreen encoding and advertising solutions which support Multi-screen real-time encoding, transcoding and packaging. It offers ACR-based local advertising technology for OTT/IPTV and cable operators.CES3000, Yucoder, CES3000M, Adview, Ruster