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SandvineNetworkingSandvine is a leading provider of broadband network solutions designed for residential broadband service providers in Cable, DSL, FTTx, Fixed Wireless, Mobile Operator.  Sandvine’s networking equipment provides end-to-end policy control functions including traffic classification, and policy decision and enforcement across the data, control and business planes.Control Center, Network Analysis, Policy Traffic switch
Cloud StorageScaleIO is  a leading storage providers which provides solutions to streamline and converge data storage operations at scale across thousands of servers.

EMC acquires ScaleIO

Second Screen NetworksAdvertising TechnologySecondScreen Networks is an advertising technology company focused on connecting brands to the growing online social TV audience. SecondScreen sells and serves digital ads, which are synchronized in real time with TV spots  (using fingerprinting tools ), enabling marketers to complement their TV buys and more directly engage the viewing audience.
International ForumThe SCTE is a technical body primarily concerned with enhancing the status of the cable, telecommunications and related industries. The society provides a forum for engineers in cable telecommunications to meet and discuss developments, problems, techniques and engineering trends
Sierra Video
OEM/ODMSierra Video is a leading provider of high-quality video and audio equipment for  broadcast, post-production, presentation and professional video marketplaces. Sierra offers  broad range of switching systems and production systems for HD, digital and analog applications, providing a reliable foundation for the most demanding video environments.Multi viewers, switching and routing,  Media Processors
Sigma DesignsOEM/ODMSigma Design is a leading designer and provider of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for entertainment and control systems. Sigma offers both highly integrated SoC solutions as well as stand-alone chips for
Media Processing, Video Encoding, Wired and Wireless Networking, Smart TV, Video Processing and Home Control. Sigma key technologies include Secure Media Processors (SMP), Entertainment Network controllers, Video processing chips and Wireless home control transceivers.Sigma Designs to launch ARM-based chipset family with HEVC at CES
IPTV, Smart TV, Media player, AV , Home control, Z-Wave
SigniantMedia WorkflowSigniant is a global provider of solutions that automate, accelerate and manage the secure transfer of file-based content for the media and entertainment industry using UDP based content transfer.  Their API-level integration with ProMedia Carbon gives the customer precise control, including monitoring and management of the transcode operations, from job instantiation to completion
Broadcast SolutionsSintecmedia is a leading provider of media business management solutions. It recently acquired Argo Systems and StorerTV and offers comprehensive solutions for broadcasters, Pay TV networks, multichannel operators and station groups world-wideSIMS,OnAir, Medea, Nestor
International ForumThe Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) is a leading engineering society contributing to all areas of the computer, film, multimedia, TV and video disciplines. It serves as an educational forum and network base aiming to advance digital and multimedia technology and is recognized worldwide for its work in setting technical standards
SnappyTVCloud Media ServicesSnappyTV is the leading real time, cloud-based video publishing platform that lets content owners tweet and post instant highlights from live video. SnappyTV offers a cloud-based video streaming, editing and distribution platform that allows media companies to reach their audiences on social platforms , mobile devices and OVPs.
SoftelClosed CaptioningSoftel is a global leader provider of subtitling and closed captioning solutions. Softel offers Swift™ family of software for comprehensive range of end-to-end solutions for the creation, encoding, insertion, transcoding, transmission and monitoring of subtitles and captions. It offers solutions for file-based workflows and support subtitling and closed captioning for multi-platform delivery, across multi-language feeds and in variety of file formats.Miranda acquires Softel Swift™ , Swift Create
Sony Media Cloud Services
Cloud Media ServicesA subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America launched in April 2013 working in transforming media and entertainment production workflows with a media-focused cloud platform. The company offers  Ci applications, complemented with scalability of the cloud to service studios and broadcasters , independent production companies, marketing teams and creative individualsCi Platform