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Media and Entertainment Companies and Forums Listing : Browse by Letter – G

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Company CategoryDescriptionProducts
GamepressionSecond Screen TechnologyGamepression is a 2nd screen advertising platform in gaming domain with focus on the core gaming audiences of free online games.
GB Labs LLPStorage SolutionsGB Labs is a leading storage solution provider and offers range of products including tier 1 primary shared storage, nearline tier 2, super tier 1 ultimate performance storage and multi-drive LTO-6 archive appliances.SPACE
GenArtsBroadcast GraphicsGenArts is a leading provider of specialized visual effects for film, broadcast and video industries. GenArts plugin solution, Sapphire is a standard for high-end VFX creation and seamless integration into leading editing and compositing systems.Sapphire
GenelecAudio TechnologyGenelec is a leading designer and manufacturer of audio monitors for all professional broadcast and post-production environments. Genelec key offerings include analog bi-amp, tri-amp and subwoofer models
General Dynamics MediawareVideo technologyGeneral Dynamics Mediaware is a leading technology company in compressed video processing systems.  It offers solutions for IP, compressed broadcast video workflows and solutions for  ad-insertion, lossless graphic burn-in and  fast ingest
Genius Digital Analytics and ReportingGenius Digital is a leading TV data analytics company. Genius Digital analysis data generated by connected TVs, multiscreen services,  advanced advertising, second screen and social TV.
GetGlueSecond Screen TechnologyGetGlue is a second screen social-networking app for discussing movies and tv shows.
TV guide and discovery company i.TV has acquired GetGlue in Nov 2013
GIGABYTE TechnologyOEM/ODMGigabyte is a leading STB product manufacturer with a product line covering multiple segments and features, including numerous professional STB SoC vendors such as Amlogic, Broadcom, Intel, and ST Microelectronics.SB Series Android OTT STB
GigaSatMicrowave LinksGigaSat is a the leading manufacturer of advanced satellite and microwave systems for television, Government and secure broadband data transmission. Gigasat is a leading supplier of compact mobile satellite terminals for broadcast and government applications
Glensound ElectronicsAudio TechnologyGlensound is a leading player in sound broadcast solutions with specialization in commentary systems, four wire/IFB systems,  ISDN units, mixers and broadcast mobile phone systems.GSnake 400M, RECCE HD
Global DistributionHead-end SolutionGlobal distribution is a leading distributor for digital workflow components including content acquisition, storage, management, archival and display solutions for M&E industry.  Key product offerings include IP networks and switches, IPTV and mobile headends, set top boxes, digital signage systems, NAS/SAN storage  etc.
GlobeCastMedia WorkflowGlobeCast is a leading broadcast technology company providing content management and multi-screen distribution to broadcasters and content creators.  GlobeCast key offerinings include content aggregation, media management, playout, Content Distribution and delivery, coverage of major events.
GLOOKASTBroadcast SolutionsGLOOKAST is leader in broadcast solutions with set of modular and highly customizable tools for multi-format, multi-resolution workflows.
GoMax ElectronicsHead-end SolutionsGoMax Electronics is leading technology company focusing on professional video and audio system design, development and manufacturing. GoMax key offerings include  video processing, video transmission, video conversion  ranging among HDMI, DVI, SDI, VGA, component and composite signals.format converters
standards converters, routers
Gorilla TechnologyAnalystics and ReportingGorilla Technology is a leading provider of content management and analytics solutions for business surveillance, content delivery & communication for media and entertainment companies
GOSPELL Digital TechnologyOEM/ODMGospell digital is China’s largest digital TV / satellite TV receiving equipment manufacturer and DTV total solution provider.  Key product offerings include digital TV, satellite TV, security monitor and control and digital household appliancesIP networks and switches
cable headends, CA , IPTV and mobile headends. STB
GracenoteBroadcast SolutionsGracenote is a leading broadcast solution provider with specialization in music and video recognition technologies for second screen and Smart TV platform. Its product suite enables better program guides, smart recommendations for music and video.eyeQ
Graphics OutfittersGraphics SolutionGraphics Outfitters is a graphic solution provider for display and delivery of on-air graphics, as well as sporting-event timing and scoring information.Scoremark, ScoreHD,
ScoreOCR, SketchHD, BoxBox
Grass ValleyBroadcast SolutionsGrass Valley is a Leading TV technology vendor with extensive portfolio of complete end-to-end components of flexible  solutions enabling broadcasters and content owners to build multiscreen, multiplatform workflows. GrassValley offers end-to-end nonlinear production workflows that integrate innovations in imaging, video production switchers, infrastructure, playout etc.
GravueHead-end SolutionsGravue is a leading designer and manufacturer of broadcasting audio and video equipment with solutions for production, transport, broadcast, and display, including: screen wall, multi-viewers,converters,modular video and audio processors, video servers,etc. Key product offerings include edge devices, encoding and compression systems, video on demand servers and systems, playout automation, studio video monitors, under-monitor displays, file-based analysis tools network monitoring including SNMP and quality control software etc.
GRUSHead-end SolutionsGRUS is a leading player in Head End Solutions with products in news gathering and live broadcasting. GRUS key product  offerings include DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) , Case FlyAway System, 3G Based Video Transmission System and LTE-based video transmission systems.DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering)
GSAForumGaming Standards Association (GSA) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996, focused on developing and implementing a series of electronic communication standards for casino gaming equipment.  GSA is the industry’s leading standards forum tasked with developing open communication standards that provide communication solutions for gaming machines like slot machines, kiosks, currency-counting machines.

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