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Cloud Media
On Demand Streaming service with cloud based streaming

DaCast Announces Mobile Video Service, Partners With Akamai

Dalet Digital Media systems is a leading developer of audio, video and multimedia software solutions for the broadcast industry. Dalet provides MAM solutions for content workflow management across news, sports, programme preparation, radio and archival services. The suite of solutions are used for metadata logging , radio automation,  newsroom content management,  automation and newsroom editorial activities.Media Life, News Suite, News Pack, Radio suite, Brio, Sports factory
DARIM VISIONStudio productionLeading provider of all-in-one virtual studio production systems which enable  live TV program production and video marketing.vStudio, iStudio
Broadcast SolutionsDatavideo is a leading vendor in development, production and distribution of solutions for Broadcast, AV, Digital Signage Industries. It is a leading manufacturers of mobile video studios, switcher/mixers, Chroma keys, converters, LCD monitors, recorders, character generators, distribution amplifiers and firewire scan converters etc.Mobile Studio, Mixers, Chromakeyers, converters, encoders
DAVIC ForumDigital Audio-Visual Council (DAVIC) is a non-profit organization working on creating complete sets of specifications for emerging digital audio-visual technologies.
DAVICOMRemote MonitoringLeading provider of systems to remotely monitor and control transmitter sites and unattended studios, via SNMP, modbus and GPIO. Solutions enable access to real-time site information e.g. transmitter status, RF power, antenna VSWR, audio/video levels etc.Sensors, DavLink software
Storage SolutionsDataDirect Networks (DDN) is a data storage infrastructure provider with comprehensive product portfolio for Big Data applications which are optimized data-intensive environments including: High Performance Computing, Web & Cloud Content, Professional Media etc. DDN provides storage array, file system and object storage appliances for data-intensive environments.Storage Engines (SFA/S2A)
Storage Apps (Analytics, Parallel File System, NAS,
Cloud Storage (WOS)
DejeroNews GatheringDejero is a leading newsgathering platform vendor for live broadcasting sevices. Dejero LIVE+ products enable both broadcasters to transmit high-quality video from a variety of mobile devices, including rugged transmitters, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Dejero LIVE+ products enable broadcasters to transmit live to television, stream to the Web and send files remotely later use.Live+ Transmitter, Broadcast Server, Connect Live, Mobile App,  NewsBook, Cloud Transcoder, VSET
DektecQuality ToolsDektec is a Leading manufacturer of Quality tools for digital TV domain across DVB, DTV,OEM Modules. Key product suite includes streaming players, stream analyzers, TS monitoring, Realtime multiplexers, DVB-T2/C2 Modulators, QAM modulators, VHF/UHF modulators , HD-SDI PCIe cards, HD-SDI analysis, DVB-S2 receiver, DVB-S2 modulator etc.StreamXpress, StreamXpert SdEye , Xpect Mosaic, MuxXpert
Delta Digital VideoVideo TechnologyDelta leading provider of video compression and scan conversion solutions for broadcast industry. Key product offerings include Video Codecs, Video Decoders, Video Encoders, Stroke-to-Raster Scan Converters and Video-to-Video Scan Converters.6500 Transcoder , VSC/900 Video Scan Converter, 6820R – 2 Channel HD/SD Encoder, VTV/875
DELTACAST Broadcast GraphicsLeading provider of next generation virtual graphics solutions for live sporting events and professional TV broadcast.DELTA-live, DELTA-highlight and DELTA-stat
Deva Broadcast Ltd.Headend SolutionsDEVA Broadcast is a leading technology company involved in design and development of broadcast products. DEVA Broadcast product suite includes range of RDS/RBDS encoders and decoders, modulation monitors, remote controls, off-air monitoring receivers and other systems for the broadcast industry.RDS/RBDS encoders and decoders
DHDAudio TechnologyDHD is a leading developer and manufacturer of digital audio studio technology for professional applications in radio and TV broadcasting studios.52/XC MADI
DiGiDiARadio transmissionDIGIDIA is leading developer and  manufacturer of digital radio transmission systems. Its product suite includes encoders, multiplexers, IP gateways, modulators, monitoring tools, receivers for transmission and reception of radio technologies – DAB/DAB+/DMB, DRM30/DRM+,Content Server, DRM Modulator, USB Receiver, DAB Monitoring and Encoders.FlexiCOD, FlexiDAB , EasyWAY, EasyDAB Live, EasySPY, EasyCAPT , ALTO DRM , SOPRANO , TENOR DRM , EasyCAPT DRM+
DigigramAudio TechnologyLeading provider of IP audio codecs and sound cards used by journalists, broadcasters, audio engineers and OEM manufacturers. Digigram’s all-IP video product lines include range of sound cards for automation, studio and mobile production for broadcasters and IPTV, Web TV and OTT operators.PCX/VX-IP Livewire™ , H.264 encoders/transcoders
DigimetricsMedia TestingDigimetrics is a leading  solution provider for file based testing and measurement of digital media. It’s Aurora platform offers no-reference file-based verification for video, audio and metadata with support of all major audio/video formats and container types. Aurora
Digisoft.TVSTB is a leading provider of set-top box software for the cable, satellite, terrestrial and telecom industry. Digisoft Iris platform is built on HTML5 and supports all IP and broadcast standards, including DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC.Iris Platform
DigiTAG ForumDigiTAG is an association of stakeholders in the digital terrestrial TV industry with members from broadcasting, network operators, regulatory and consumer electronics OEMs. DigiTAG works in promoting digital terrestrial television and working to protect spectrum for broadcasting.
Digital Alert SystemsEmergency
Digital Alert Systems is a leader in Hardware/Software Emergency Messaging Platforms for Radio and TV industry.DASDEC™, EAS Encoder Decoder,
Digital HorizonHeadend SolutionsDigital Horizon is leading manufacturer of broadcasts solutions for digital cable, terrestrial, satellite TV, IPTV and mobile industry. Key products include Digital Analog Headend: IRD, MPEG2/4 Encoder/Transcoder, Remux, Scrambler, Trans modulator, PAL/NTSC Modulator,  Terrestrial and Mobile TV Transmitter,  DVB-S2 Satellite Contribution Link with Modulator and Demodulator, Microwave IP, PDH/SDH Links, DVB-T2/T, DVB-C MPEG2/MPEG4 SD/HD STB.,  CloudTV and Hospitality IPTV System.IRD, Encoder, Decoder, Remuxer, Scrambler, STB, transmitter, Demodulator etc.
DIGITAL MEDIA SOLUTIONSBroadcast solutionsDigital Media Solutions is a leading manufacturer for 2D and 3D audio solutions for the Cinema, Hi-Fi, V.I.P Home Cinema, Television and Music Industries.DMS PRO, Viola, Atao, AIR FORCE 1, Ocean Way, DMS, TechDas
Digital NirvanaBroadcast MonitoringLeading provider of knowledge management products and services for global broadcast, cable, and media and entertainment companies. Key products include Monitor IQ broadcast monitoring system, MediaPro content repurposing system, repeat audio detection systems for song tracking and ad tracking.Monitor IQ, MediaPro
Digital Rapids
Broadcast SolutionsDigital Rapids provides suite of solutions for media organizations to manage their content efficiently.
Suite of encoders, transcoders and streaming solutions for delivery to live OTT, IPTV, Web and mobile channels .
VOD, Playout Server, Copper C2  StreamZ, Transcode Manager, broadcast live encoder
Digital TV Labs LtdMedia TestingDigital TV labs is a leading vendor of Media and device testing solutions for CE manufacturers, broadcasters, operators for interoperability, conformance and certification testing. Ligada iSuite is automated test harness suite for MPEG DASH, HbbTV, OIPF, TDT Hibrida and TNT2.0 testing. Provide testing of HbbTV devices employing CI+ DRM and conditional access solution.Ligada iSuite, DLNA Certification, Evora iSuite for DVB, Freeview, RF Testing
Discretix Technologies Ltd.Content protectionDiscretix provides content protection solutions for mobile devices and TV Everywhere services across Android and smart-connected devices. Discretix set of solutions ensure security and performance for premium HD video services across connected platforms.Embedded DRM, SecurePlayer, HDCP v2.x, CryptoCell, CPRM, RNG
DLNAForumThe Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) works towards standards, specifications and device certification for connected digital home through networked consumer electronics, PCs and mobile devices to easily connect and share digital content including photos, music and video.DLNA Certification
DNF CONTROLSBroadcast SolutionsDNF Controls is leading broadcast solution provider in machine control automation, user interface and event-based automation.  Key products include sports, clip and VTR controllersFlex Control Network
DolbyAudio TechnologyDolby leader in audio innovation technologies including noise reduction technology on cassette tapes,  cinema sound, home audio systems, and online movie and music measurement,
noise reduction systems
surround sound processing
file conversion & transcoders
Doteck Digital TechnologiesHeadend SolutionsLeading provider of broadcast solutions including HD video converter, fibre-optic to copper, copper to copper,  HD video conference camera, HD video encoder and decoder solutions and  HD video matrix switcher solutions.
Dual StreamHeadend SolutionsMultimedia company offering cutting-edge products and services in the field of digital broadcasting. DualStream now offers a complete set of products for broadcast headends, analyzing and monitoring, hybrid broadcast-broadband networks and connected TV applications.Broadcast headends, Media Protocol analysis and Monitoring
Dune HDBroadcast SolutionsDUNE HD is leader in hybrid media player products to service IPTV, VoD and DMA (Digital Media Adapter) devices. If offers compact set-top-box designs, universal media players for HD video and audio with support for IPTV, VoD, networked digital files and interactive services.Dune HD TV 251,Dune HD connect
DVBControlMedia TestingLarding provider of analysis and monitoring software  for DVB/ATSC, DVB-S, DVB-H, DVB-C, DVB-T, Multicast, Unicast and VoD testing.DVBAnalyzer, DVBMosaic, DVBLoudness
DVEOHeadend SolutionsDVEO is a leading broadcast solution provider for DVB ASI and video over IP solutions. Its product suite includes MPEG-2 and H.264 based encoders, decoders, modulators, format converters and streaming solutions for Broadcasters and Telcos.Encoder/Decoder, Digital Signage, Converters, Demodulator/Modulators