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Cable AMLBroadband MicrowaveLeader provider of  Broadband Microwave Links, Wireless Internet Systems and Wireless Cable. Products include Wireless triple-play systems,  Multi-channel video links, High-speed wireless internet access systems, MMDS multi-channel broadcast systems, Point-to-point links for video and data applications.Triple Play Systems, Broadband Internet Systems, Broadband  Transmitters, Receivers, Repeaters, and Transceivers
Cache-A CorporationBroadcast SolutionLeading supplier of network-attached small form factor LTO-4, 5 and 6 archive appliances for media and entertainment industry. Archive appliances provide both source masters for digital acquisition and long-term storage for project archives and content tracking on tape.Prime-Cache4, Pro-Cache, Library24/48, Power-Cache, Prime-Cache5/6
CalDigitStorage SolutionsProvides High quality, fast, reliable and compact Storage solutions for flexible storage needs.VR mini, T2 raid, Thunderbolt, AV pro, AV drive, HDPro-24
Calibre UKBroadcast SolutionManufacturer of premium image processing solutions, specialist scalars, flat panel displays and flat panel display electronics. Key products include Broadcast grade universal format converters, computer graphics to video scan converters, frame synchronizers with powerful noise reduction, image enhancers, motion compensated standards converters and aspect ratio converters.FoveaHD, VXL150HD, VXL100HD,VXL75HD, HQView400DC, PVPROHD-DC, LCD Driver boards, Specialty display
Cambridge Imaging SystemsContent ManagementLeading provider of MAM (Media Asset Management) software which enables content owners to easily publish and monetize large-scale media archives in a branded web interface – in the cloud or self-hosted.Imagen , Imagen Cloud, Orbital
CamfooCloud media servicesLive Transcoding solution for flash using cloud-based media streaming. It enables  transcoding of live streams in the cloud and enables user to send the transcode to CDNs or key online video platforms. Camfoo was acquired by Wowza in Sept 2013.Wowza
CastUPWorkflow ManagementLeader in over-the-top (OTT) end-to-end solutions for large and medium TV operators, broadcasters and content owners. Solution suite offers ingest, management, monetization and delivery of content to multiple devices over IP networks. CastUp is now part from NDS acquisition.Cisco
Nile Cloud TV, CMS
CASTWIN head-end SolutionsLeading manufacturer and developer of Digital Broadcasting equipment’s, IPTV/DTV. Key product lines include Digital Encoder for HD and SD, Transcoder, Decoder, Multiplexer, Modulator, Trans-modulator, Media Converter and Scaler.MPEG Transcoder (DMT) , SD/HD Encoder (DME), HD Multiplexer (DMP), Demodulators, ReModulators,  Integrated Trans Decoder, Digital Monitoring.
Cattura VideoCloud media servicesCattura Video offers open educational video solutions for K-12 and the higher education industry – CaptureCast Cloud App and CaptureCast Pro which have integration with open source solutions and  professionally managed enterprise video platforms.CaptureCast
CEA Industry ForumThe Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is the technology trade association representing U.S. consumer electronics industry. CEA owns and produces the International CES, among the largest gathering place for all who stakeholders in the business of consumer technologies.
CEA and NATPE reveals Opportunities to Improve Synchronized Program Content Awareness and Offerings for the Second Screen
CelrunOEM ODMLeading provider of Hardware solutions for IPTV STB, Satellite STB, Cable STB, HE system and convergence devices.STB – IP, Cable and Satellite ,
Census Digital IncBroadcast SolutionLeading provider for distribution and conversion of audio and video signals including 3G/HD/SD-SDI over single mode fiber.  Product lines include BALUN, NanoQubes, Qubes, NanoLinx, openGear, and C-Series Audio Monitors.BALUN, NanoQubes, Qubes, NanoLinx, openGear, and C-Series Audio Monitors.
Chengdu Dexin Digital Technology head-end SolutionsLeading Digital TV Solution designer and manufacturer for full range of cable and wireless digital TV head-end equipment including encoders, IRDs, multiplexers, scramblers, modulators, decoders, all-in-one devices, transmitters and CAS for digital DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, and DVB-S/S2 systems.CAS,EPG,Muxer, Scrambler, QAM,  DSNG/ DVB-T/ISDB-T Encoder& Modulator, IRD with BISS function , Multiplexer (Tuner/ ISDB-T/ASI), Modulator (DVB-T/C/S/S2, ISDB-T, ATSC-T)
CienaNetwork ManagementLeading solution provider for efficient and resilient transport of uncompressed high quality video signals. Provides solutions for Digital video transport combining Packet-Optical Switching and Packet-Optical Transport platforms with unified network management.Service Delivery Switch, Ethernet, TDM, and WDM
CinedeckWorkflow ManagementCinedeck provides file-based workflows solutions for recording, monitoring, playback and transcoding of content from acquisition to playback for  live, on-set, post or broadcast environment.CineDeck MX, RX
CiphertexStorage SolutionsCiphertex is a data security company with several portable DAS and NAS systems offering high performance, secure, reliable and seamless integration with AES 256-bit encryption with the latest in RAID storage technologies.Single Drive, Portable Raid, Portable NAS, Rack NAS
Cires21Streaming SolutionsLeading provider of Live Streaming solutions to encode, control and monitor Live streaming in multiple formats. Used by systems Integrators and Telecom operators for broadcasting Media and Sports events in a multi-screen environment with advanced monitoring, monetization and supervising services.C21 Live Control, C21 Live Mosaic, C21 Live Monitor, C21 Live Cloud,C21 Live Encoder, C21 Live Events
CISTECHBroadcast SolutionLeading South Korean provider of digital integrated solutions including Broadcast Information Systems (BIS), Traffic and Control, Media Services, Automation, Content Management, Newsroom system, Graphics, Digital Archive for Multi channel broadcast operations.iMIS, iBIS, iTCS, ICDMS, iDAM, iGraphics
CivolutionContent ProtectionLeading provider of watermarking and fingerprinting based technology and solutions to manage, identify and monetize media content. It offers large portfolio of applications for media protection (forensic watermarking for pre-release, digital cinema, Pay-tv and online), media intelligence, monitoring, audience measurement and media interaction (automatic content recognition for 2nd screens and Smart TVs).Teletrax, NexGuard, Mediahedge, Audience Measurement, Media Protection
ClassXBroadcast GraphicsLeading provider of broadcast graphics solutions with  2D/3D graphics template editors, instant on-air graphics and for  audio/video playout.CoralCG , CastaliaCG, MoreCG, LiveBoard, CGPlayout, LiveSMS, LogoGenius, Stealth CG,  Digital Signage
clearleapMultiplatform DeliveryProvides platform for secure delivery of video libraries to traditional TV systems and new multiscreen experiences. It offers Multiscreen Video Logistics solutions for Content providers and Service providersClearflow
CloudMediaHubCloud media servicesProvider of cloud-enabled digital media solutions and services. It provides a community of cloud providers and services for digital media to streamline the sourcing and purchasing of digital media services.Cloud datacenter, infrastructure, platform and software service (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS)
CloudOptixCloud media servicesCloudOptix offers “pay-as-you-go” cloud storage and private “cloud-in-a-box” storage.   Platform also supports data encryption, caching, mirroring, sharing and collaboration.Cloudtop
Cobalt Digital Inchead-end SolutionsCobalt Digital provides solutions for multi-functional card-based and modular signal processing line-up for loudness processing/metering/logging over IP and ASI. It offers range of solutions towards audio upmixing, Dolby transcoding, color correction, fiber Tx/Rx, format conversion, MPEG-4 encoders, Down converter, Distribution Amplifier, SD/HD Embedder, Up/Down/Cross Converter.Compass, Blue Box Group™  Fusion3G® , SpotCheck, Obsidian3G
CobhamWireless LinksLeading provider of advanced wireless video links for broadcast and entertainment vendors. Cobham designs and manufactures cutting-edge HD and SD COFDM video systems for broadcast, sports, and entertainment applications.
CompeteConsumer BehaviorLeading data management and technology provider of digital intelligence products and services for online consumer behavior. Offers services  to manage advertising campaigns, measure their effectiveness across all of their marketing programsAd Impact™ , Ad VRF™ , Behavior Match™ , CrossPoint™
Compix MediaBroadcast GraphicsCompix provides series of graphics broadcast systems that generate static and animated characters and graphics into or over a video stream in real time. It has suite of character generators (CGs) and channel branding products for news, sports, meetings and other live production needs.ConverG1, CynerG2, CompactCG, LCGn, GenCG, Autocast, Newscroll
ComrexBroadcast SolutionComrex provides hardware-based audio and video codecs for remote broadcasting. Key products include ACCESS Stereo IP Audio Codec,  Live Shot Video IP Codec and the NEW STAC VIP VoIP Call Management system.ACCESS Stereo IP Audio Codec
ComscoreAnalytics and ReportingComscore is a global leader in digital measurement, analytics and delivering insights on web, mobile and TV consumer behavior. Key solutions include Audience Analytics, Advertising Analytics, Digital Business Analytics and Mobile Operator Analytics.Audience Analytics, Advertising Analytics, Digital Business Analytics, Mobile Operator Analytics
Conax ASContent ProtectionConax is a leading provider of security solutions for delivering premium content for multi screen delivery over the combined OTT scenario of broadcast, broadband and connected devices.
India’s Fastway orders 1 million Conax secure clients 
Contego Light, Plus, Broadcast, Unite, Secure client
ContentWiseMultiplatform DeliveryLeading provider of cross-media, multiscreen content discovery engine for digital devices including digital TV, games,  e-books, music, and app services.
Convergent DesignBroadcast SolutionLeading provider of digital video capture solutions.Odyssey, Gemini
Conviva Multiplatform DeliveryLeading provider of Video Stream Optimization technology providing ideal experience across devices at the highest bitrate and audience insights .Precision Video, Audience insights,
Cloud media servicesLeading provider of integrated suite of Web and Mobile acceleration services (cloud-based) from its global distribution. It offers acceleration services for SSL, Advanced DNS, Adaptive Image Compression, performance monitoring, automatic failover, real-time reports and analytics.Cloudlet
CPC – Closed CaptioningBroadcast SolutionLeading provider of Closed captioning/subtitling software for HD, DV, Webcasts, tapeless workflows, DVD’s & Blu-ray. The company got acquired by Telestream in 2013YouCaption, CaptionMaker, Auto Timestamp
Crypto GuardContent ProtectionLeading provider of conditional access solutions for Digital TV platforms including satellite TV, cable TV, terrestrial TV and IPTV.CryptoExpert Lite, CryptoQAM
Crypto Multi
Crystal SolutionsNetwork ManagementLeading supplier of multi-site Network Management Systems for broadcasters, government, teleports, DTH, cable and telecom operators. Offers solution for advertising cue tone / DPI notification, verification, root cause and resolutionSpectrum Monitoring and Recording, Video Distribution Solutions, Contribution Solutions, * Ad Insertion Verification,
Crystal VisionBroadcast SolutionCrystal Vision is a leading provider of keyers and picture storage products for all professional broadcasting applications. It offers interface modules including up converters, down converters , fail-safe routing switches, multi-functional video synchronizers, color correctors, audio embedders / de-embedders and video delay lines.File conversion & transcoders, routers, On Graphics, logo generators, digital effects, color correction
CteDbTelevision transmissionLeading Italian player in design, manufacturer and supply of broadcasting transmitters.DVB-T/T2 solutions, FM transmitters and repeaters, Redundancy systems
CubiwareMultiplatform DeliveryMultiscreen Middleware provider which enables pay-tv operators, telcos and content owners to offer anywhere, anytime video viewing experience consistently on multiple client devices, such as tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs or Set-top Boxes.CubiTV