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TV Everywhere –Strategy or Necessity – Part I

Posted In TV Everywhere - By Nitin Narang on Thursday, October 13th, 2011 With 4 Comments
Is TV everywhere a result of threat from OTT providers like Netflix, Hulu , LoveFilm , YouTube and alike or is it to realize the true value of content through “long-tail” approach or is it a move to appease growing consumer dissent frustrated on behalf of high cable bills? Well the answer could be a combination of one or more but it is undoubtedly one of the core strategic developments across major cable providers – something prominent in their roadmap to be delivered over next few years depending on the competition, regulation and technology cycle they currently find themselves in.

What is TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere - Strategy or Necessity

TV Everywhere

To begin TV Everywhere seems more of a misnomer since the platform is more about content been ubiquitous – “Content Ubiquity” seems more logical but it may not sound the perfect marketing catchphrase.

 Comcast and Time Warner were the early proponents but it is largely seen as the magic bullet from Cable operators to protect their existing business model and in some sense prevent repeat in video the fate met by music industry. The initiative proposes to offer more  value to existing cable subscribers by extending subscribed content  to additional connected devices under online and on-demand model while maintaining the sanctity of content within Cable providers walled garden. Although most of the current offerings do have limitations by being bounded to home network with prerequisite of broadband and cable subscription from the same provider – there are still reasons to welcome “walled garden TV Everywhere” initiative.

TV Everywhere: Consumer Expectation

Customers are a difficult breed, and the section which matters most to this segment are cord cutters and the professed cord cutters. Yes they are fragmented and confused but they still want to weigh the available options and choose what fits the bills and their entertainment needs. While consumer have a simple expectation – If I pay for a subscription then I should have the choice to watch it anytime on device of my choice with the rationale that I pay for “content subscription” and should not be bounded to the device where I intent to consume the content. Although it sounds simple from consumers perspective it has ocean of intricacies embedded at service providers end with respect to security, authentication, subscription fees, legal agreement with content owners, and rating system among others.
Above expectation has gained strength as user habits (added with current state of economic factors) have changed– with foremost being mobility and capable consumer devices where more and more content is been consumed away from the TV on connected devices including laptops, ipad, tablets, game consoles, smart phones etc. While there are loads of free programming available, advent of commercial paid la carte offering available from major OTT providers have further fuelled the necessity to demand more value from subscription. In short consumers want more control, more choices and fair return value for the paid subscription price!

Open Questions and Contradictions

Major Cable vendors like Comcast, TWC, and Dish among others are embracing TV everywhere but there are still lot of open questions around sustainability and success of TV everywhere initiative, actual volume of content which providers intent to make available through the platform, extension of service to non-cable consumers for online access only and basic reasoning that how mature or superior is the model compared to OTT itself?

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  2. Adam says:

    TV Everywhere is certainly a necessity! The provider and kind of TV Everywhere offering is something to consider. Some companies offer VOD streaming, some offer limited in home live TV streaming, one company downloads content from the DVR to a device. Only my TV provider/employer DISH Network gives full DVR access and control as well as every subscribed TV channel streaming Live. With my Sling Adapter and the free DISH Remote Access app I can stream all of my TV channels live to my phone or tablet. All I need is 3G/4G or WIFI. I can even control my DVR and watch my recordings. There is no limit to content with Live TV and my DVR!

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