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Media Genie: The Content Aggregator

Posted In New Media, OTT - By Nitin Narang on Sunday, November 28th, 2010 With No Comments »
Beginning of 21st Century has seen tremendous growth of Internet and similarly exponential growth in generation, publication and consumption of online video content. While option to access and consume media services anytime, anywhere and on any connected device has benefited consumers with added convenience, it has also opened interesting opportunities and commercial models in the user driven, video everywhere ecosystem.
A recent study published by Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), predicts that by 2014, the sum of all forms of video (TV, VoD, Internet video, and peer-to-peer) will exceed 91 percent of global consumer traffic with expected global Internet traffic to be around 767 exabytes.  For reference
1 (Exabyte) EB = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 B = 1018 bytes = 1 billion gigabytes = 1 million terabytes

With device and content convergence, consumers are increasingly streaming and watching recorded broadcast TV, user generated and on-demand TV content at their chosen time on preferred devices. Although PC experience may newer extend to Living room and TV will still remain source of entertainment, users will expect an increasingly on-demand and personalized content delivery with multi channel video offering, creating significant role for content aggregators.

VOD Content  Portal

VOD Content Portal

With primary objective of content aggregator to provide easy user interface and refined content discovery, they have an uphill task to filter noise and find few relevant listing from limitless and ever growing published content. Meta search across content and media libraries will not be ideal and content aggregators and recommendation engines will have to become intelligent and precise towards user profile, environment, geographical location and desired quality which meets user requirement

The Content explorer and presenter genie is positioned to be an essential and key differentiator for content publishers, distributors, CE manufactures (Connected TV, Game consoles and Blu-ray players etc.) and Pay TV package in this new connected landscape

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